ViennaCC’s “Cook For Me”

I can almost promise that you haven’t heard anything in 2022 that sounds like this.

ViennaCC’s “Cook For Me” is sort of mad scientist electro pop with a dollop of rock dynamics driving the train. The Austrian born and based songwriter, musician, and performer behind this new single has, at least, an effective idea of how to get listener’s attention. Delivering an unexpected (and not entirely sincere) ode to the pleasures of male/female domesticity with a Germanic accent and generous, yet never overcooked, vocal effects is a far cry from pop music’s standard fare. Marrying it with some relentless pre-programmed percussion and keyboards shifts the proceedings into a different gear.

Melody is never far from center stage, however, during this romp. The keyboards are responsible for nailing much of that down instrumentally, but keen listeners will hear melody powering the verses as well. Many characteristics of this song smack of a songwriter who’s spent countless years woodshedding his craft to find his own voice. I get the sense from this single alone that it’s achieved full flower with his recent work.

The single comes from his EP The Sun Comes Out, but it can obvious standalone as a musical work or figure in as part of a larger design. EPs are, by their nature, condensed affairs rather than wide canvases, so it is not difficult imagining the EP’s remaining songs will favor a similar direction. Who knows however? The willingness to challenge so many conventions evidenced in this tune leads me to believe that ViennaCC’s “Cook for Me” scarcely scratches the surface of his talent.

The aforementioned keyboards achieve a warm sound. His songwriting craftsmanship extends, as well, to length as “Cook for Me” never breaks the three minute mark and leaves listeners wanting more. Even if you are not completely a fan of what he does here, you can’t help but applaud the apparent care taken with writing and recording this small gem. It is hard to imagine he isn’t satisfied, to an extent at least, with producing such an entertaining and substantive track.

It challenges listeners as well. His intent, for me, is clearly comedic, but the convincing pitch of the performance will leave some listeners squirming. Let them. It charges the song with an extra jolt of tension without ever alienating listeners from the experience entirely. ViennaCC is clearly reaching for something beyond paint by numbers music and he has a long promising road ahead of him with this project.

The accompanying video for the song reflects his dedication to finding the widest possible audience for his work. He’s going for broke with songs such as this, trying to write and record music with the potential to last, just like influences such as Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple, among others. “Cook for Me” crackles with life and brings him one step closer to that goal. If you are just encountering ViennaCC for the first time like I was, you are in for one hell of a ride.

Cleopatra Patel

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