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Exclusive Interview with YoYo Nagase

Super excited to have YoYo Nagase with us today. Welcome. You just released another great single. Tell us about it and why did you pick this one as your next drop. 

Thank you so much for having me! I chose to release “Daydreaming” as my latest single because it had a certain energy that none of my other music had. The song features a high energy with a four on the floor beat and melody that I was proud of. Additionally, the lyrics told a story of someone who struggled to find the confidence to ask someone out. I felt that the combination of an upbeat production and an emotional plotline made for a unique song that I hoped people would enjoy!

I love that you write a lot of your own music. What is the writing process like for you? Do you go old school and write lyrics or more modern and use your phone or computer?

My process always starts with pen and paper. I love going on long walks listening to a beat and writing down what the sound makes me feel. I also write in a journal everyday, and sometimes I pull ideas from there. After I put down some initial thoughts, I like to then sit down in my studio and go through the rhythm and melody. I think about the storyline and perspective of the song from which the story is told. A lot of my writing process comes from an incredible book written by Mike Errico called “Music, Lyrics, and Life: A Field Guide for the Advancing Songwriter”. I highly recommend it!

Being a musician you wear so many different hats. What is your favorite part about making music? Studio, writing, performing? 

My favorite part of making music has always been working in the studio. I really love that moment when I can hear all the hard work I put in come together. I have an incredible time working with my producer Axel Hejlsberg – he helps bring my ideas to life. I also quite enjoy writing music because the creative process behind making a song is challenging but also quite rewarding. Although I have thrown away more songs than I can count, the ones that do make it through feel that much better. If I had to pick though, the best part is definitely being in the studio.

Who would you say is your favorite artist right now and why? 

Honestly, I think that there are a lot of incredible artists that are coming out of Yale that inspire me a lot. To name just a few, Hero Magnus, Lila Drew, Ale Campillo, Alaman, Caption, and Emei. It is so exciting to be surrounded by so much incredible talent. Although I have not had the opportunity to meet all of them in person, I have become a huge fan of their music.

Outside of the Yale community, my favourite artist has to be lullaboy. I love how he is able to build a soft and catchy sound through an incredible intonation and minimalistic production. Would love the opportunity to work together some day!

What are your goals for 2022? 

One of the biggest projects that I am working on right now is a song (or two!) with Pluto Koi, pretty havoc., a kid named rufus, and produced by Axel Hejlsberg. It has been such an incredible opportunity meeting and working with these artists. Although the process has just started, I feel as though I am already learning so much from them. The first song that we are working on has a peaceful and happy energy that I hope people will enjoy. Finishing songs with these artists is definitely something that I look forward to throughout the next few months!

Another one of my biggest goals for 2022 is to grow as a songwriter. I try to write a song every single day to really hone in on my sound. I am so excited for everyone to hear my growth over the years.

So great chatting. Where can we find the new music? 

Thanks again for having me! You can find me on Instagram @yoyonagase, on TikTok @yoyonagasemusic, on Spotify at Yoyo Nagase, and on my website at yoyonagase.com!

End of Interview

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