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Singer/Songwriter Vineet Singh Hukmani Receives World Record Gold Disc

New Delhi born singer/songwriter Vineet Singh Hukmani’s recent Gold Disc award from the European Indie Music Commission and Mei Indipendenti is a career-defining event. These organizations came together to honor Vineet for placing nine number-one singles on the European Indie Top 100 over the course of 2021, a jaw-dropping achievement that won’t soon, if ever, be repeated. It’s the crowning accolade for this half of his career thus far and rates overall as a pivotal moment in Vineet’s musical story.

Vineet attended the Harvard School of Business where he studied disruption innovation strategy and later headed Radio One as its CEO for a little over a decade before selling the company in 2019. His move back into active performing had a precedent and, essentially, showed him returning to his first love. Some of his earliest forays into popular music came fronting two rock bands during his college years, Stone Cold and Rock Clef, the former outfit once chosen among the top 14 bands in India by Rock Street Journal for their Great Indian Rock Volume 1 release.

It laid the foundation for his current success. More than anything else, perhaps, it gave him the necessary confidence to move from one style to the next without a misstep. It’s that sort of confidence that helps breed nine consecutive number ones. Songs such as “Jab the World”, “PFH (Party From Home)”, “So New”, and “Hurry”, among others, are true to his personal vision of music’s possibilities while still reaching out with an audience-friendly aesthetic.


It’s a mightily impressive balancing act. It isn’t a put-on, however. Vineet’s Greatsong Foundation is giving back to young musicians by aiding Asian artists to discover a global platform for their work. He’s signed 45 artists, as of this writing, and more will follow. Scoring numerous number ones on a respected chart such as the European Indie Top 100 further enhances his already substantial clout.

It positions him for an equally bright future. It’s difficult to imagine generating even more commercial momentum on the backs of so many number ones, but there’s no question Vineet’s name has reached a global audience. Such accolades as a Gold Disc only further expand his profile. It risks a cliché to say, but Vineet Singh Hukmani clearly lives and breathes music. Setting the lofty goal of a new single every 45 days while maintaining strict quality control makes the case he’s one of the brightest stars in indie music today.

There are other mountains. There will be other peaks he climbs. If you love great songwriting, music, and value performers possessing a genuine social consciousness, Vineet will cover all the bases for you. The sheer stylistic breadth of his nine number ones provides plenty of evidence that Vineet is a musical chameleon. He’s never anything less than convincing, however, and it’s easy to expect more number ones are waiting for Vineet in the near future whether he continues maintaining this torrid space or not. Laurel leaves, accolades, and honors aren’t what he’s in it for, ultimately, but the recognition is nice and well-deserved.

Cleopatra Patel

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