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Oops: Tucker Carlson Allegedly Asked Hunter Biden to Write His Son a College Recommendation Letter

So that’s curious.

If you’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to catch any of Fox News’ programming since, well, the inception of the network, you’ve probably noticed that most of the hosts and guests regularly take completely insane positions, like that in the midst of a global pandemic, people shouldn’t wear masks and get vaccinated. They do this while, behind the scenes, virtually everyone they work with follows company-mandated protocols intended to keep people from contracting COVID-19. In other words—and you might want to sit down for this revelation—they’re shameless hacks who talk out of both sides of their mouths.

In related news from Vice:

A leaked copy of an email exchange between Hunter Biden and Tucker Carlson suggests that the Fox News host once asked the now president’s son to write a college recommendation letter for his son. Yes, the same Carlson who spent weeks attacking and obsessing over every detail of the Hunter Biden laptop story, asked for a recommendation letter for his son, Buckley, who was trying to get into Georgetown University, Biden’s alma mater. 

“I can’t thank you enough for writing that letter to Georgetown on Buckley’s behalf,” Carlson wrote in a 2014 email to Biden. “So nice of you. I know it’ll help. Hope you’re great and we can all get dinner soon.”

Vice News could not verify the authenticity of the email exchange, and Carlson and Biden did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The alleged friendship between Carlson and Biden was revealed by pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood via his Telegram account. It’s not at all clear how the email conversation, if it is real, came into Wood’s possession, though Vice writes that it was “previously posted on Telegram by David Clements, an election truther who is close to Wood.”

Buckley Carlson did not end up going to Georgetown, instead attending and graduating from the University of Virginia.

Wood, who is best known for batshit, baseless election-fraud claims, appears to have gone scorched earth on Carlson in response to the Fox host’s post-acquittal interview with Kyle Rittenhouse, in which the teen criticized Wood, who represented him for a short time last year, and claimed Wood “took advantage” of him and that the $2 million raised for bail was for the lawyer’s “benefit.”

“When I sue Tucker Carlson and Fox and take Old Tucker Boy’s sworn testimony upon cross-examination, I will be sure to ask him ALL about his ‘buddy-buddy’ relationship of years with HUNTER BIDEN!!!” Wood wrote on Telegram before posting a screenshot of the email exchange.

The college recommendation request, if true, would obviously be deeply rich given Carlson’s and Fox’s psychotic coverage of the president’s son. As Insider notes, in April, Carlson baselessly claimed that Biden watches child pornography. During the 2020 presidential campaign, he regularly attacked Biden, calling him a “fallen man.”

Trump lawyer who wrote step-by-step plan for Mike Pence to overturn the election would rather not talk about writing step-by-step plan for Pence to overturn the election

John Eastman doesn’t want to get into the details of his attempts to overturn the 2020 election, presumably because they make him look extremely guilty. Per Politico:

John Eastman, the attorney who helped former president Donald Trump pressure then vice president Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 election, has asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, according to a letter he delivered to the January 6 committee explaining his decision not to testify. “Dr. Eastman hereby asserts his Fifth Amendment right not to be a witness against himself in response to your subpoena,” his attorney, Charles Burnham, wrote in a letter to Chair Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) dated December 1.

“Members of this very Committee have openly spoken of making criminal referrals to the Department of Justice and described the Committee’s work in terms of determining “guilt or innocence,” Burnham continues. “Dr. Eastman has a more than reasonable fear that any statements he makes pursuant to this subpoena will be used in an attempt to mount a criminal investigation against him.”

Burnham added: “While Dr. Eastman emphatically denies committing any illegal acts, he nonetheless has a reasonable fear that the requested information could be used against him in court.”

As Politico notes, Eastman “worked closely with Trump to attempt to overturn the 2020 election results.” He spoke at the January 6 rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol, and as we learned in September, wrote a six-step plan outlining how Pence should block the certification of Joe Biden’s victory.

Eastman discussed his attorney’s letter on Thursday during an interview on Steve Bannon’s podcast, War Room, calling the January 6 committee a “farce” and telling listeners to donate to his legal defense fund, Politico noted. “We’ve got to push back on [the committee] if we’re going to control the direction of our government,” Eastman said, not exactly convincing people of his innocence.

Kevin McCarthy officially adopts the “it’s not a lie if you believe it” school of thought

To be fair, he’s been here for a while.

Interesting take given that the individuals in question are (1) the parents of a kid accused of killing four people, (2) currently fugitives, and (3) were just charged with involuntary manslaughter


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