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Courtney Gains Joins The Cast Of Indie Horror Film “The Bleeding Dark”

Iconic actor Courtney Gains (“The Children Of The Corn,” “Back To The Future,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “The Burbs,” “Sweet Home Alabama”) joins the cast of director Jason Hawkins new film “The Bleeding Dark,” which is being produced by Joseph Kelly (Clown Motel, A Star Is Born, Bumblebee) and Angela Joseph ( Clown Motel, Blind, 13 Fan Boy).

The film also stars Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist) with special effects by the incredibly talented Joe Castro. Additional talented cast includes Kelsey Tucker, Sebastian Bjorn Hauskins and David Mitchum Brown.

A home invasion goes awry, leaving John a single father to a traumatized teenager. As grief seeps into the house, John and Michael find themselves awash in their own trauma, isolated and cut off from both the outside world and each other. Little by little, the grief becomes an entity unto itself, manifesting in their lives and enveloping their every thought and action. When well-meaning family members intervene, the rage in the house grows, and Michael reaches out to his dead mother for protection, bringing about a violent end for any who dare to interfere in their lives.

Watch the teaser trailer for “The Bleeding Dark” here:

The official facebook page for “The Bleeding Dark” may be found here:


For questions or more information contact bleedingdark101@gmail.com

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