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Tiffany Trump Doesn’t Think It’s Nice When People Running for President Lie

The last time Donald Trump ran for president, his younger daughter, Tiffany Trump, stayed mostly out of the campaign spotlight, save for a couple appearances and a sad speech at the Republican National Convention in which she revealed that she saves the notes he wrote in the margins of her report cards in order to feel close to him. Unlike Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric, and Jared Kushner, she has never taken to the airwaves to defend her father against completely legitimate charges of racism, nor publicly insisted he did nothing wrong when it came to trying to extort Ukraine, despite copious evidence to the contrary. She has essentially stayed as far away from the administration as is possible for anyone with the last name Trump. This time, however, young Tiff is apparently all aboard the Trump Train, ready to use her voice to get her father elected. And her first order of business? Making it clear to Joe Biden, in no uncertain terms, that lies on the campaign trail will not be tolerated.


Yes, as the daughter of a man who has told almost as many lies as his incompetence has killed, it’s a tad rich for Tiffany to claim that Biden is lying, or to invoke God without acknowledging what the Big Guy might have to say about her father being a serial philanderer who pays off adult-film stars and previously palled around with Jeffrey Epstein. It’s also not clear what alleged lies Tiffany is referring to, but presumably any number of things the Democratic nominee said on Monday could have set her off:

Joe Biden excoriated President Trump on Monday as a threat to the safety of all Americans, saying he has encouraged violence in the nation’s streets even as he has faltered in handling the coronavirus pandemic. For his most extensive remarks since violent protests have escalated across the country in recent days, Biden traveled to Pittsburgh and struck a centrist note, condemning both the destruction in the streets and Trump for creating a culture that he said has exacerbated it.

Pointing to a nationwide homicide rate rising 26% this year, Biden asked, “Do you really feel safer under Donald Trump?” “If I were president today, the country would be safer,” Biden said. “And we’d be seeing a lot less violence.” It was a marked shift for Biden from his convention speech less than two weeks ago, in which he never named Trump in his remarks. During his speech Monday, he mentioned Trump’s name 32 times. “Donald Trump has been a toxic presence in our nation for four years,” Biden said. “Will we rid ourselves of this toxin? Or will we make it a permanent part of our nation’s character?”

Perhaps it was the description of Trump as a “toxin” that rankled Tiffany when, in fact, everyone knows that he’s a malignant cancer? Only God can say for sure.

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